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Our products

A complete program for handling of plastic raw material from silo to production machine.

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Pneumatic conveying systems

A complete program for handling of plastic raw material, granules, powder and regrind.

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Dryers in different sizes and for different demands and controlling Equipment for establishing the moisture content.

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Dosing and mixing

The ICEVA COLORFEED dosing units and the Gravimix mixing station from Ferlin.

Gruppbild återvinning


ICEVA supplies for trim handling and dedusting.

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Silos, bins etc

Silos for indoor and outdoor use, modular silos, day bins, material containers and smaller containers for masterbatch.

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Extruder control

PLAST-CONTROL supplies complete solutions for film extrusion, from simple systems to big process systems.


Metal separation

Magnet grids produced in many standard models and special models on request. Metal separators for free-fall applications and for pneumatic conveyor pipes.

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Pipe details

Complete range of tubes, pipes, all kinds of bends and other pipe parts for installation.



ICEVA is today the proud representative and supplier in Sweden for many different well known brands.