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Central feeding system

The ICEVA Central feeding system supplies production machines, material driers, silos etc with material.


The Central feeding system works with a number of material cyclones connected to a central filter unit a vacuum pump and a controller. The flexibility of the central feeding system eables each installation to be custom made according to the customers need and wishes.

Advantages with a central feeding system:

* Space saving, more free space around the Machines and less risk for accidents.

* Less maintenance, only one central filter unit and one vacuum pump per system.

* Less risk of contamination of the material, the material is centrally stored.

* Reduction of noise level, central filter unit and vacuum pump can be separately placed.

* Possibility to handle longer conveying distances and higher capacities.

* One central controller gives a clear overview of the material flow.


The ICEVA material cyclones

The Material cyclones are available in different sizes from 2 liter up to 100 liter. The material cyclones are as standard suitable for transportation of granular materials. There are also models for regrind materials and free flowing powders.

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ICEVA controllers for central feeding systems

Controllers for smaller and bigger central feeding systems. Made to suit your specific demands.

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The ICEVA Central filter units

The ICEVA Central filter units are made for use in a central feeding system together with a vacuum pump a controller and a number of material cyclones etc.

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Vacuum pumps

We always recommend the vacuum pump for each actual situation.